Seasonal Wine Tour de France - Wine Tasting
Friday Dec 10, 2021 07:30 PM
Friday, Dec 10, 2021 09:00 PM

Join us for a seasonal Tour de France through the nation’s legendary wine regions! We'll unlock the secrets to understanding French wine and give you beaucoup de confidence to make satisfying selections. No bicycle required, just a holly jolly mood.

Tickets are $75 and count for one Ways and Means credit. This event is open to friends and family of the JLP.

Wine kits will be available for pick up at both JLP Headquarters in Ardmore, and Tria Center City on Friday, December 10.

Pick up at Tria (18th and Sansom location) between 3-6pm on 12/10

Pick up at JLP Headquarters between 4:30-6:30pm on 12/10

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Kelly Anne Murphy-Newell
Ananthanpillai, Rekha

Bahnck, Laura

Calder, Rebecca

Corcoran, Megan

DiRenzo, Monica

Forte, Emily

Galla, Scott

Glancy, Dawn

Guest #1 of 1, [Kukucka, Jillian]

Hall, Kate

Hartzell, Chris

Hartzell, Emily

Hysick, Elizabeth

Itri, Shauna

Jacobson, Stef

Kaiser, Danielle

Kaiser, Meghan

Kay, Natalie

Kukucka, Jillian

Lazarro, Raffy

Lenker, Heather

Lenker, Kathryn

Lippincott, Stephanie

Lippincott, Win

Malandra, Heather

Manning, Barbara

Marek, Caitlin


May, Rebecca

McInerney, Jillian

Miller, Daniel

Murphy-Newell, Kelly Anne

Newell, Michael

Ross, Aliina

Young Galla, Kathryn

Zabel, Lauren

Zabel, Mike

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